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We, the Kenyatta high school fraternity wish to thank each and every one who in a way or another is part of this prestigious institution in the Coast region. Specifically, I take this golden opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to our principal, teachers, non-teaching staff, parents and all the stakeholders in education for their continued support for the school.

Over the years, Kenyatta has been the measuring rod for academic excellence which could not have been realized without maintaining high levels of discipline among the students and staff.

The school has encouraged student participation in running of their affairs and for that objective, has embraced the establishment of a student council of elected leaders

  Further, the disciplinary committee has worked closely with the guidance and counseling department, led by Madam Janet Wanjala in addressing serious challenges such drug abuse and aggressiveness. It is with great appreciation of the Almighty God for the guidance He has accorded to ensure the school has remained peaceful. We urge our students to embrace the school vision of being “A leading center of academic excellence” as they spend their most crucial four years of their lives.


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