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The department comprises of two subjects, namely Kiswahili and English.  However, the school offers, French, but it falls under another department – applied.  The subjects are compulsory because they are skill based.  The skills are namely reading, writing, speaking and listening.  The skills enable the student to develop academically. 


In this department we have 16 teachers, 6 of English and 10 of Kiswahili. 

Mr. Kikuvi                        -           H.O.D.

Mr. Muchai                       -           H.O.S. Kiswahili

Mrs. Mbogho                    -           Kiswahili

Mrs. Mwambi                    -           Kiswahili

Ms. Wanjala                      -           Kiswahili

Mr. Mghenyi                     -           Kiswahili

Mr. Abubakar                    -           Kiswahili

Mr. Mkala             -           Kiswahili

Mr. Adika             -           Kiswahili

Mr. Khamala                     -           English

Mr. Mwangoka     -           English

Ms. Jackline                      -           English


Many teachers of Kiswahili teach Kiswahili and  their second teaching subjects, but teachers of English teach English only. 


Our performance has always been good.  It was only last year 2016 when our mean scores dropped, but in English we had the highest mean score in Taita Taveta County.  The drop was countrywide. 


We have laid a number of strategies to be our guidelines in handling the subjects for better performance.  We have, team  teaching, organized groups.  Facilitation of exam techniques, external and internal contests and symposiums, competitions in composition writing, debates, quizzes and early syllabus coverage just to mention a few. 


We have a language policy whereby we speak English throughout the week except Friday where we speak standard Kiswahili.


The department focuses on enhancing proper communication skills among the learners as this will not only help them in performing well in those two subjects but also the other subjects they are taking. 


To develop our reading culture we make use of the school library and the languages library.  In the languages library we have story books for both English and Kiswahili. 

For a very long time, English has been a problem to most learners especially boys, but we thank the ministry and other stakeholders who come up with a strategy to improve the understanding of languages through integrating literature and language.  Today, learners learn both areas as a single entity and that’s to say that literature can be used to teach various aspects of grammar, oral skills and writing to name a few. 


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