Computer Desk


E-Lab consists of 11 computers ,donated to the school by the ministry of education under the economic stimulus program in 2012, 2 side servers and 20 monitors donated by the CDF with aim of providing teachers with teaching and learning material/aids and also projecting animation and notes in various subject areas.
This donation was a reward to the school for producing an ICT champion in the county that year(2012).The lab is Being utilized by all students in computer studies lessons literacy classes and interest for research in fields like the science and engineering fair.
Although there is a challenge on the number of students per computer, the department ensures that the scarce resources available are utilized in the most efficient manner to serve as a reference point on education issues so as to produce competent & techno-savy students in this era of technology because                                                       MR. Wamela B. ICT specialist

2017 fee structure

  KENYATTA HIGH SCHOOL 2017 FEES STRUCTURE   NAME_____________________________________CLASS___________ADM NO________2017 FEES …

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