PTA chair




Mr. Richard Mwambi, M.Ed. (UON), B.Ed. (UON)

PTA Chairman, Kenyatta High School 

On behalf of the PTA, I gladly take this opportunity to thank the Almighty God for His benevolent grace that has brought us this far. We can take a moment to breathe afresh as we take stock of our current achievements. As we flash back our memories, we can vividly recall some of our highly depressive days, and progressively our very jubilant moments of academic success. And so we can join with our Jewish brethren in affirming that, “Those who trust in the Lord are like mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever”(Psalm 125:1,ESV). Together as the Kenyatta High School fraternity we have triumphed progressively over the years and in 2017 we were the best public school in coast province. And by God’s never failing grace we shall continue to triumph.



My gratitude is highly extended to the PTA, the BOM, administrative support staff, the students and all who have in one way or other supported the development of our highly esteemed school in Kenya. We are strategically positioned in Taita-Taveta County, as a public school with the mandate to fulfill the national academic goals of our beloved nation. To that end we must work extremely hard to achieve academic success above the normal average. The school policy making and executive arms have worked together tirelessly as a team to achieve and maintain the aspirations of that goal.We know we cannot relax because we are not yet at our very best. We must press hard towards attainment of the highest mark of academic excellence. The team spirit and effort need to be sustained at an even greater level. My appeal is that the PTA and the BOM continues to do whatever best they have done in the past, even better. I further appeal to our parents to remain steadfast in their effective role of parenting as well as paying stipulated fees in time. We also appeal to our good government who is the prime sponsor of the school to support us more with an enabling national basic education policy and infrastructure development finance critically needed to modernize the school. We shall endeavor to review and update our strategic plan to ensure that, our vision of attaining sustainable academic excellence is achieved



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