The Languages department
The department is inclusive of two subjects: Kiswahili and English. Our vision and mission statements in the department form the basis of all its plans.
Vision: Generate Proficiency in the Use of English and Kiswahili.
Mission: Cultivate Proficiency through Practice in Listening, Speaking, Reading And Writing Skills.



 Kiswahili Department

 From Left: Ms Machu, Mrs Kasololo, Mr. Mwacharo, Mrs. Mbogho, Mrs. mwakughu and Mrs. Mwambi.




Dealing with a boy’s population presents specific challenges to do with attitude and performance in language. It is these that we have continued to tackle through encouragement. Despite these challenges, our school has maintained a mean score of above 7.0 in both subjects for the last four years, registering the best mean in 2006 when English had 8.525 and Kiswahili 9.7163. This has encouraged us to aim even higher.
In coast province, the most recent K.C.S.E. results (2009) put us at position 6 in English and position 8 in Kiswahili out of 212 schools in the province. Our targets are meant to take us to the top-10 positions in the nation.



English Department

 From right: Mrs. Mwanyalo, Mr.Mwangoka, Mr. Keben, Mr. Henry Kikuvi, Mr. Waiganjo  and Mr. Amanya




Currently, we have seriously reviewed our strategies which are our guidelines in handling the subjects to make our performance even better. Some of our strategies include:
a)    Departmental co-operation
b)    English as the only language spoken throughout the week except on Friday which is Kiswahili Day.
c)    Holding symposia
d)    Class and inter-class debates
e)    Organized quizzes
f)    Encouraging and guiding students to participate in national essay competitions, an area we have been quite successful in.

For our success, we wish to thank our spirited students, our dedicated teaching staff and our parents for supporting our programs. The principal too has effectively supportive a 1:1 student-to-course book ratio which has been a major driving force.
The department teaching staff
1.    Mrs. Mwakughu      H.O.D. (Swahili)
2.    Mrs. Mwanyalo      H.O.S. (English)
3.    Mr. Mwacharo       Kiswahili
4.    Mr. Wachenje        Kiswahili
5.    Mr. Amanya           English
6.    Mr. Mwachuma       Kiswahili
7.    Mr. Mwangoka       English
8.    Ms. Machu             Kiswahili
9.    Mr. Waiganjo        English
10.    Mrs. Mwambi       Kiswahili
11.    Mrs. Mbogho        Kiswahili
12.    Mr. Keben           English
13.    Ms. Wanjala        Kiswahili
14.    Mr. Kikuvi           English
15.    Ms. Kasololo        Kiswahili

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