Guidance and Counselling


Head of department: Md.Wanjala.

This department works very closely with all the departments in the school.

It also interacts with the surrounding community as one of the stake holders who add value to the well being of the institution also referred to as the significant others.







The department is comprised of a representation of the teaching staff that are:

He also serves as the deputy of the department and coordinator of the peer councilors

Mrs Kombo

Represents matters of faith.


Mr.J Mwamburi

Coordinator of careers


Mrs P.Mwazighe

Mr D.Mwadime

    Represents the heads of departments

Peace and life skills club activities are conducted by the HOD through the peer councilors participation.

Peer councilors make a representation of the students population. Their chairman is Jeremiah Mugoswa

They undergo training after meeting the outlined requirements at for 1 and get refreshed as they go up the ladder of their academic levels.

Members approach and get approached and sometimes reach out to those who need the services in a sharing and helping relationship.

Its programmes involve both internal and external activities aiming at creating the most conducive environment in all spheres of life.

Thank you

Ms Wanjala-G&C H.O.D

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