Guidance and Counselling







Guidance and Counselling in our esteemed school, Kenyatta High School, Taita takes
Three forms i.e. individual Counselling, group counselling and Mass counselling.

The Panel empowers the students   to solve their social problems when in school and
If they were not solved, most likely they would have in one way and another interfered
With the achievement of their future dreams.

The panel has enjoyed a lot of co-operation from the administration, teachers, peer counsellors etc.

Our counselees have been those who have not lived to the expectations and we do encourage those good
Performers to even work harder to beat their own records.

Under group guidance, we have confirmed to invite some of our own former students among other who
Have been successful in life for motivational talks.

The three peer counsellors per stream are democratically elected, and have continued to do well
In assisting  to solve social problems for their  brothers.

It is encouraging to see students voluntarily walk to Guidance and Counselling room to share their problems
With the panel members. As we are all aware, a problem shared is half way solved.

We are optimistic that Guidance and Counselling shall continue  empowering the entire students community
To solve their problems so that Kenyatta High School- Taita can achieve greater academic heights in Coast and Kenya
As a whole.

Ms Wanjala-G&C H.O.D

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