Wildlife Club.

Kenyatta High School Wildlife club is a student centred club.  The club is popular among students with main activities conservation and clean up.  The club is registered with Wild life clubs of Kenyatta.

The club has a membership of 55 students.  The members have a monthly activities programs in line with calendar of events and also observes all major environmental functions and days.

The club encourages members to participate in essay competition on articles on environment.  The main achievement in 2009 one students got an award on essay writing on Global warming under Giraffe centre.

The club participates in world environment day events and gave presentation.
Other activities include tree planting video shows on wildlife management.

Major challenge is to be active players in environmental management.  Management of water under how to reclaim and use it for better purpose.

We would like to thank the school administration, teachers and parents for their support.

Kenneth Jombo-Patron

2017 fee structure

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