Applied and Technical department




Carries the vision 2030 and beyond while safe guarding time tested skills, of survival on planet earth.  The Technical and Applied Department comprises the following subjects;


Business Studies

Computer Studies


Metal work and

Wood work

Teachers in the technical department are Mrs. Kalama, Mr. Wale, Mrs. Kombo,  Mr. jedai, Mr. Bright Wamela, Monsieur Severini ToleMr S Mjomba, Mr. Joseph Mwamburi and Bro. Timothy Mwazo respectively.

In last years KCSE 2017 the technical deparment was the leading department in the school and aal of them had posted a mean above the school mean


The school has about 55 computers and several laptops which are being used in the laboratories(computer lab and E-Lab)    11 computers …

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A Welcome Message

WELCOME TO KENYATTA HIGH SCHOOL (TAITA).Kenyatta High School  Taita is one of the National schools and best in Mombasa Region and Taita Taveta …

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