This being a vital department is the school system we are committed to ensuring that the welfare of students and staff in Kenyatta high school takes first priority.

Our commitment is to see that students receive services in the boarding department that are not only of good quality but also geared towards enhancing the academic performance.

Our students’ discipline is a paramount requirement inn achieving this noble objective. To achieve this, there are  joint efforts between the teaching and non-teaching staff, the  student council and the student body whose personal inputs w wish to acknowledge.

It is our ambition that as a national school, we shall continue improving on our facilities and service-delivering with the intention of making Kenyatta High School an academic giant in the shortest period possible.

    This department is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the school routine is followed to the later,it is headed by Mr Wale and Mr Adika. Students are supposed to follow it to ensure smooth running Of importance, students are supposed to be out of the dormitory by 6.20 AM and move to their respective classes ready for morning preps at 6.30 AM on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and on Monday and Friday we have class meetings and house meetings respectively.

      Sleeping time should strictly be observed. At 10.30 PM lights should be off and students should be sleeping by this time.

           On Saturday, routine inspection is conducted as from 8.30 to 10.00 AM and house captains are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the houses, classrooms and other designated areas are thoroughly cleaned. S.D.A students usually have their church service at 8.00AM in the lecture theatre.

           On Sunday, the C.U members have their service in the dining hall, Y.C.S in the DD room and Muslims in the mosque. All the services start at 8.00 AM to 10.20 AM.


All in all, the entire department is grateful for the support accorded to it by the teachers on duty, house captains and the entire student council leaders and the school administration at large.

              Otherwise as always there is room for improvement and lets improve on time management and all will be well.

 Let’s aim higher; the sky should be our limit.

Thank you.

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