Chui house is among the best houses in the institution comprising of intelligent,mature and well mannered students.The house is built up of discipline determination and dedication of the students who always strive to shine.It has the best leaders ever in school.

Inline with the house motto ;determined to excel;the house members work together as does the ants.To briefly describe the characters of the students,they are respectful and obedient to their leaders.They live like brothers(an urge of day to day by the house master),They have maintained the peace and unity of the house always.They are very vigilant and open minded. They will always open  up to say what they see,feel or hear to foster the smooth running of the house.

The house has produced students scoring highly in their final examinations.The house at large has led in various activities,leading almost always in cleanliness,co-curricular etc.With Chui house we are assured of achieving valiantly

HOUSE MASTER:Mr Shaki        HSE CAPTAIN: peter kilovia


ASSISTANT Derrick Vickstone



Ndovu  house

CAPT : Abubakar Muti

Asst:Kaunda Mutua

House Master:MR KHAMALA


            Many shy off to do their duties not because they lack potential and capability but due to lack of self-confidence and failure to realize the magnitude of their position in management of school affairs

            Kenyatta is you and I therefore in a  bid to achieve the maximum goals, we all need to utilise all the available resources. Success is like hidden treasure; we have to strive inorder to uncover it.

Finally, to all student in Kenyatta high school, before doing anything stand and reflect to where you are coming from:this is the key to wisdom. Big up to NDOKOLA

nyatta high school, before doing anything stand and reflect to where you are coming from:this is the key to wisdom. Big up to NDOKOLA







It is also known as Toronto house or house of love. It is under the leadership of our able house master Mr Bwakali and Mr. Mandelathe mistress. The house is fully controlled by the Captain Banda and Mwanyota the assistant captian.Kifaru is a house of love and talents. It’s among the houses located in Kenyatta urban areas. A lots of talents have been discovered in this house since we have been the best in the cultural show and other co-curriculum activities. All in all, the house is doing wonders in academics and also is the cleanest house in the school. as the members of the house, we believe in team work to take it at greater heights.


NYATI’S HOUSE                            BY Mwale Scaver


Nyati as the name implies is one of the famous BIG-FIVE members –the buffalo.its more than a characteristics (the buffalo).Its members led by their House masters MR Mwangoka,MR Muchai and house mistress ,Madam Jackline.Students leaders Captain Kombo and Scaver Mwale are to be palpitated about.their tremenders records of both academics and disciplinewise are commendable.Being one of the vuvally situated houses through ,it’s a house that needs to be atleast elevated into an urban one for its exemplary records displayed. It has produced far and wide leaders e.g Mr Mutie who currently is the governors ‘P.A’.what arecord indeed! The house has also produced the president of Tanzania Hon.Magufuli Pombe.



Kiboko as the name suggest is is a waterness place in that  hippos live in water areas like lakes Am very much proud to be a leader of such a house because”si ndio kiboko yao”. It is nicknamed the “ zingers”. I myself am very proud to be a leader in such a house. Our house is Master Mr. Kikuvi and our assistant house master Mr. Abubakar while the house mistress is madam Kombo. It’s able captain Tobias Sammy with Lickson Idyema as my assistant .It is in our school history that kiboko has always been the leading house .I just want to give my fellow learners a word of advice.You should not be happy when your friend is failing  in that you should also look into his success and make sure that he atleast shows  efforts and bare some fruits in future and he will thank you for all his life for making a difference in his life lose something, you will be able to get assistance from other students. I as the leader in our house learned to always give a helping hand to those in need. . All in all may God bless Kiboko and may he to bless Kenyatta as a family.

                                                                        ByTobias Sammy

                                                                        House captain




HOUSE MASTER: Bright Wamela


HOUSE MISTRESS: Beatrice Kalama

HOUSE CAPTAIN: Rashid Kasonga,


T- Team

W- Work


G- Great


Twiga house is more than just a dormitory. It is a place where co-operation and brotherhood are put in place to bring about the uncountable achievements the house has gained so far.

Twiga is the longest house in Kenyatta High School not only literally but also in terms of sports .The best students in athletics are haboured here. Twiga has managed to beat all the other six houses in atheletics regardless the criterion used to save the records. A large percentage of the school athletics team is dominated by the Twiga house members.

In other games, football, volleyball, handball, rugby, name them it is impossible to sideline the house.





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