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First and foremost, i would like to thank all the members in the humanities department for their tireless effort in improving academic performance in Kenyatta High School Mwatate. 

The humanities department comprises of four subjects:  History and Government, C.R.E., Geography and I.R.E.

The members of the department are






Mrs. P. Mwambi  -H.O.D. Humanities

Mr. L. Mghenyi    -Deputy Principal

Mr. C. Adika        -Boarding Master Routine




Mrs. M. Kombo    -           H.O.S. Geography

Mr. Muchai                       -           H.O.S. Kiswahili

Mr. Lenjo              -           Member

Mr. Mwandembe  -           Member




Mr. Mkala F.                    -           H.O.S. C.R.E.

Ms. J. Wanjala      -           H.O.D. Guidance and counseling




Mr. Abubakar                    -           H.O.S. I.R.E.


In the year 2016 K.C.S.E., we managed to score the following mean scores and quality grades


History and Government– 10.1B+, A29, A-8 AND B+11

C.R.E. – 9.76B+, A16, A-13, B+20

Geography – 7.45C+, A9, A-9, B+15

I.R.E. – 7.75B-, A0, A-0,B+1


The department overall mean sore was 8.767B.


Some of our strategies are

Educational trips

Students write their own notes and make presentations in class

Topical revision / testing

Supervised group discussions

Team teaching / marking etc.


At forms 3 and 4, we have the following classes.

History and government   3

Geography                                    2

C.R.E.                                           2

I.R.E.                                            1


It is my prayer that we are going to work as a team so as to achieve our goals in the department. 


God bless all the teachers in the department, our students and Kenyatta high school fraternity at large. 


Mrs. Mwambi P.

H.O.D Humanities.

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