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The co curricular department of Kenyatta high school is headed by Mr. Mombo. It comprises of three areas namely games and creative performance CLUBS and society and the environment.

The teachers in this department include the coaches of various games, directors of drama and music patrons of clubs and society those who from time to time are involved in the cleanness of the environment such as the teachers on duty. The student leadership in the department include the overall co curricular co ordinato0r the sports secretary the clubs and society secretary and assistants in charge of the environment the entertainment secretary and his assistance and the captain and groups leaders of various teams and groups.


The leadership encourages a participatory approach that allows students to bring fourth ideas and build teams that are strong and focused. This has brought fame to the institution in games the school participates in football, volleyball, handball, basketball, hockey rugby, athletes, badminton ,table tennis, lawn tennis, swimming, chess, scrabble among other activities. These e activities begin at class level house level and run all the way to the national.



Our creative performance areas include drama and music. The activities just like games begin at house level and culminate in national competitions. For the last seven years the school has represented the regional in both areas at the national level.

The clubs and society are robust and productive. Tours and competition have been organized by our clubs and society. They have been educative as well as exiting to the members. They also constitute an important hub for training in leadership skills and resource mobilization. Outreach programmed to reach out to the society have been organized by the society and clubs. Such activities as cleaning the Mwatate town and the local dispensary day outs with the orphans tree planting and donation of clothes and foodstuff to the needy have been carried out.

Our environment continues to be an important concern of the environment. The department in liaison with the student leadership has zoned the school compound and allocated students areas of work. This is in line with the school motto “Education for service”. The students serve to clean the compounds, plant trees and ensure a conductive environment for teaching and learning.

David Mombo HOD Co-curricular

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